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No doubts, all kinds of tourism sound good. Especially if we are talking about the health, it is getting much more importance. As well as you enjoy a good spa or thermal holiday, meanwhile you can make your holiday plan to health tourism when we think about the benefits of this type of tourism and also wherever you are. It is priceless when these activities appeal to beauty and fitness conception at the same time.

Have you ever wondered the history of the SPA which offers healing cure to human body? There were bathrooms which were built to heal Rome Empire soldiers returning from wars as injured or ill. These bathrooms used to call Sanus Per Aquam (means health from water). Nowadays, significant number of people wants to relax and escape busy and stressful life. It includes detoxifying skin programs and has a big importance for tourists. For that reason, Türkiye is a right address if you want to have a SPA experience. In addition, Türkiye is located in a significant geothermal zone. However it draws attention of the whole world by its age-old cure sources and hosts millions of visitors with this feature.


Türkiye has an attractive destination not only for thermal tourism but also hair transplant, physical therapy, rehabilitation, dental treatments and eye medicine. Moreover, if we have a look at plastic/aesthetic treatments worldwide, Türkiye is among the top 10 countries.

The number of foreign patients who comes to Türkiye for health tourism increases every year exponentially. Because, many foreign visitors come to Türkiye for the purpose of health also can organize their treatment, business and holiday together. At this point, medical tourism is most preferred, in other words health tourism of treatment purposes.

Guests from Austria, France, Netherlands, England and Russia describe Türkiye as a modern destination where has a warm climate, summer-winter tourism season, hospitality, economical services, high quality hotels, original history, cultural diversity. Preferences show us, Türkiye is in the Wellness qualification level of International Labour Organization with its prospective healthcare, progress and goodness in health services.

Türkiye’s future shines brighter in health tourism. Do you know why? Almost all local tourists benefit health services within the borders of the country. All medical operations provided in the world are operated in Türkiye by affordable prices and reliable conditions. Therefore, Türkiye has been moved the top of the health tourism by thousands of tourists abroad.

In this era, people travel not only for holiday but also for their health. Apart from Arabic world, thousands of people from Europe comes to Türkiye and benefit from health services, meanwhile they discover historical and natural beauties and return to their countries peacefully. Totally confidence, quality and peace of mind…

Now it’s your turn!

Medifind family wishes health and happy years!



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