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What is a Dental Implant?

What is a Dental Implant?


Implants are artificial titanium tooth roots which will be placed to the jawbone instead of the teeth lost by various reasons. The implants are supplying better speaking and chewing functions in comparison with the traditional casings and prosthesis, and they also bring a natural look to your face. An implant is a comfortable and reliable application. The operation can be executed under local anaesthesia without feeling any pain or discomfort. In necessary cases general anaesthesia may also be applied.

Advantages of Implants


The prosthesis, done after implant treatment are the most similar to your own natural teeth. Implant can provide a better speaking and chewing ability than traditional crowns/dentures. It is also a more natural and aesthetic application. Thanks to the implant treatment the missing teeth are being retrieved without having to make any operation on the neighbouring teeth. Implants help increase retention of total prostheses. The much weak retention of mandible total prostheses would be increased considerably by placing of two implants into the lower jawbone even the patient does not possess sufficient bone quality.

After Implant Treatment

Implant treatments is one of the most popular treatments of the last years. After this treatment it is nowadays possible to continue with your social life after treatment. The second step of implant treatment is the crown on the implant. For this treatment patients have to wait 2-4 months for the integration of the implants with the jawbone.

It’s Worth It

Although the implant treatments might seem and be regarded as expensive and costly applications at first sight, their cost figures may easily and reasonably be justified when the comfort, naturalness and aesthetics they offer to the patients are taken into consideration. And don’t forget, this is a durable solution, not to compare denture or bridge treatments. When you thing about its comfort, aesthetic, compared with dentures, once again you will understand that it is the best and satisfying solution.

A Lifetime With My Implant


The dental implants have not been observed of being problem-free throughout lifetime. The length of their average life span depends on various factors. Oral and dental hygiene of the patient is the primary factor that affects a dental implants average life. With a correct mouth care your implant will provide you a beautiful smile, pleasurable talking and tasteful eating.

Who must have implant treatment?


Not all patients can get an implant treatment. Sometimes it is better not to choose for an implant treatment. For people with a bad general health condition, unhealthy habits or people with insufficient jaw bone, the implant treatment will not be the correct solution. With the right oral care, you will join better speaking, chewing and smiling thanks to your implants.



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