Health Envoy

You can be a MEDIFIND Health Envoy irrespective of your being a student, housewife or employee and your profession in your neighbourhood without interrupting your daily works.

What is MEDIFIND Health Envoy Programme?

MEDIFIND Health Envoy Programme is a teamwork which supports registered envoys for improving their own health and having a healthier life and also ensures that they derive revenue. It is a patient consultation programme which will derive revenue for the envoys without making any change in their lives and charging them with additional workload.

How does it run?

When you decide to be our health envoy, it is only necessary for you to fill in the envoy registration form from the address of and send it to us. As from that moment, you are our health envoy. Each service purchaser coming to via makes you cash in. Health Envoy Programme is very simple. After the transferred patient is discharged from hospital, the envoy will be entitled to receive a transfer fee. Commission payments are deposited to bank account of the envoy on monthly basis. There is no requirement or criteria for being a health envoy and there are no limitations for the recommendations which can be made by a person. Moreover, you can participate in MEDIFIND informing trainings which will be regularly organized at 5-star hotels or our facilities at certain intervals.

Advantages of being a MEDIFIND Health Envoy

1. The programme makes the health envoys to receive a discount at the contracted hospitals of MEDIFIND for their treatments or health improvement activities. The rate of discount varies in between 20% and 50% depending on the treatment and procedure.

2. Our health envoys take a healthy vacation with their families at our contracted hotels when they direct 12 persons in a year or in other words, regularly 1 person in a month (vacation service shall be rendered at a contracted 5-star hotel for five days as all-inclusive).

3. The Health Envoy will earn a commission fee for each new recommendation and directing which causes to medical treatment via MEDIFIND (Commission rate varies in between 5% and 20% depending on the treatment to be purchased).

"We invite you to join our team"